Blake Lively Gets Her Sweet Revenge On Husband Ryan Reynolds

The student has now become the master — of trolling

Over the years, Ryan Reynolds has perfected the art of trolling. While Hugh Jackman has received the brunt of his masterful fuckery, his (extremely patient) wife, Blake Lively, hasn't escaped completely unscathed either.

This past August, Reynolds wished his wife a happy birthday on social media, captioning a lovely photo of the two of them, "Happy Birthday to my amazing wife." Seems harmless enough, right? Well, the only problem was that Reynolds had cropped most of Lively's face out of the frame, leaving just his scruffy-looking mug. Rude.

But for her husband's 41st birthday on Monday (October 23), Lively got her sweet revenge, posting a hilarious photo of her favorite Ryan — and that other guy — to social media. "Happy birthday, baby," the caption read under a photograph of Reynolds, his face cropped out of the frame, and fellow handsome Canadian actor Ryan Gosling. Honestly, can you blame her? Those baby blues are mesmerizing.

Burn. 🔥🔥🔥

Needless to say, Twitter was impressed with Lively's savagery.

Game, set, match. Lively for the win!!! And Gosling, I guess. He's always winning.

Reynolds has yet to respond, but you know he has to be admiring his wife's work. Clearly, she learned from the best. (The best being herself, of course.)