Vinny Guadagnino's Mom Cooks A Cornish Game Hen While Discussing Eunuchs And Dragons [Video]


Can we get a doggy bag, please?

Meeting a friend's parents for the first time can be a nerve-racking experience. What if you accidentally swear in front of them, or mistake the decorative seashell-shaped soap in the bathroom for the stuff you're actually supposed to use? In an instant, you could wind up being the "bad influence."

Unless your friend is Vinny Guadagnino, in which case, an invitation to his family's Staten Island home entails nothing but good food and fun.

On "The Show With Vinny," the Guadagninos' celeb house guests (Ke$ha, Lil Wayne, A$AP Rocky, just to name a few) are all treated to authentic Italian meals by Mrs. G, and, like a true mom, she's not happy until everyone's cleaned their plate. "They would all say they don’t eat on camera, or that they didn’t have time," Paola recently told the Daily News of her new A-list pals from "The Show." "But when the food was on the table, they ate, especially once they get here and they sit and they realize they are in a home, and Vinny’s mom is there cooking.”

And celebs aren't Paola's only new customers. Last week, she expanded her culinary skill set to include a feast worthy of "Game of Thrones"'s Westeros, whipping up some Cornish game hens in an episode of MTV Geek's "Cooking With Thrones." Of course, her dutiful son was by her side to assist, but mostly just to chow down on the finished product. Lucky guy!

Paola knew absolutely zilch about the HBO hit series, but that didn't stop her from providing entertaining commentary on Eunuchs, leeches and dragons. Check out the video, and make sure to tune in to "The Show with Vinny," Thursdays at 10/9c!

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 Photo: @vinnyguadagnino

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