Dave Matthews Digs Up A Video For His First Solo Single

'Gravedigger' clip shot in Montana with director Mark Pellington.

Dave Matthews has chosen "Gravedigger" as the first single from his upcoming solo debut, Some Devil.

The song, which the troubadour has been performing live this year, is one of four on the album featuring Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio, who also co-wrote a tune called "Grey Blue Eyes."

"It's kind of these different stories that are brought together by walking through a graveyard with their names and the dates of their births and their deaths, and the stories that came out of their lives," Matthews said recently of "Gravedigger" while on the set of its video in Livingston, Montana.

"[It's] sort of just telling those stories and some others as you wander through a graveyard and what you might think if you could walk into the graves and find out what people went through to get there," he explained.

Mark Pellington, whose résumé includes Pearl Jam's "Jeremy" and U2's "One" as well as the movies "Arlington Road" and "The Mothman Prophecies," directed the clip.

An acoustic version of "Gravedigger" will also be included on Some Devil, due September 23. Matthews recorded the album in Seattle in the spring with Stephen Harris, who produced Dave Matthews Band's Busted Stuff.

Tim Reynolds, who has toured with Matthews and the DMB, plays guitar on the album, while Tony Hall (Bob Dylan) plays bass and Brady Blade Jr. (Indigo Girls) plays drums.

"I hadn't really been thinking about doing a solo album until I had a handful of songs that didn't really fit with the band, so I started with those and it just grew into a full record," Matthews said. "I kind of thought it'd be fun to put it out."

Some Devil follows on the heels of DMB violinist Boyd Tinsley's solo album, True Reflections, released in June. Matthews insists, however, the albums aren't an indication of the group's demise.

"For us, it never gets stale," he said, referring to touring and recording with the band. "I think if it ever got stale, we'd hopefully have the sense to stop it, but it has yet to do that. There's not a lot of places I find as much joy as I do playing onstage with Carter [Beauford] and [LeRoi Moore], Stefan [Lessard] and Boyd, and whoever else happens to be around."

The Dave Matthews Band is on tour through September 20 in Atlanta (see [article id="1470366"]"Dave Matthews Band Seek To Take Over North America (Again) This Summer"[/article]).

Track list for Some Devil, according to Matthews' spokesperson:

  • "Dodo"
  • "So Damn Lucky"
  • "Gravedigger"
  • "Some Devil"
  • "Grey Blue Eyes"
  • "Trouble"
  • "Save Me"
  • "Stay or Leave"
  • "Little Thing"
  • "Oh"
  • "Baby"
  • "Up and Away"
  • "Too High"
  • "Gravedigger" (acoustic)
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