Fantastic Four's Next Villain: Puppet Master Or ... Mole Man?

Superheroes will likely need new blood for potential third installment.

He's the wielder of the Power Cosmic, the Skyrider and Cosmic Wander, the Herald of Galactus and one of "the great, enigmatic characters in Marvel history," according to "Fantastic Four" star Michael Chiklis. He can travel faster than the speed of light, control the Fundamental Forces, he possesses superhuman strength and is an immortal being of near invulnerability.

But it's doubtful the Silver Surfer would be returning for a third installment of the "Fantastic Four" series, given the news Wednesday that Fox has already greenlit a spinoff, according to the Los Angeles Times. Face it, by the time Monday morning rolls around, the Silver Surfer will already be passé.

So given that Dr. Doom has appeared in the first two films and the Surfer takes his turn in the second (and presumably Galactus and Nova with him in the spinoff), who will the first family of crime-fighting battle in a potential threequel?

"I'm not really sure what's in store, but I know that Puppet Master is something that we threw around as an idea for a third one," revealed Jessica Alba, a.k.a. the Invisible Woman. "I know that's something we were talking about."

Using radioactive clay and advanced psionic abilities, Puppet Master creates incredibly detailed models of people that he is then able to control as if they were nothing more than puppets. In his plots to take over the world, Phillip Masters ... wait, Masters? Isn't that ...

"Yeah, Alicia's [stepfather] is the Puppet Master in the comic books," Chris Evans (Human Torch) declared, alluding to the Thing's blind love interest (played by Kerry Washington). "They could expand more on the Alicia plotline, and maybe [he] could be the next villain."

Given that the character has already been fairly well-established, then, using Puppet Master would mean a potential third film could get to the action that much faster. It would also mean a much darker and more dramatic story line, Chiklis pointed out, since fighting a girl's father isn't the surest way into her heart.

"Imagine asking that villain for his daughter's hand in marriage," Chiklis said. "That's going to be a problem right there, so it'll make for some interesting drama."

It would also make, by necessity, a bigger role for Chiklis and a larger focus on the Thing, something fans have been clamoring for since the first film.

But not everyone is convinced. Ioan Gruffudd, the series' Mister Fantastic, told MTV News he has his hopes set on a different villain altogether.

"What about the idea of the Mole Man devouring the Earth from the inside?" Gruffudd asked, referencing the subterranean supergenius who was the very first enemy the Fantastic Four ever faced in the comic book. "I think he was a great character. Now that we've been all over the world and all over the universe, let's maybe go to the center of the Earth."

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