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Russell Crowe's Idea For A Krypton Prequel Is Actually Kinda Cool

Hey, Zack Snyder, how about a Krypton-set anthology film starring Jor-El and Zod?

Long before Bats took on Supes in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, former friends Jor-El and General Zod went head to head on the planet Krypton in Man of Steel. While Man of Steel was far from a perfect film, it did do justice to Superman's Kryptonian origin story, which featured Russell Crowe as the future superhero's father, Jor-El.

Given Jor-El’s demise in the 2013 flick, we don't expect Crowe to pop up in the DC Expanded Universe any time soon, unless Zack Snyder wanted to take a page from Disney and LucasFilm's book and give us the Krypton-set anthology film we've been waiting for because, according to Crowe, Jor-El's fascinating story is far from over.

Man of Steel

Jor-El vs. Zod in Man of Steel.

MTV News's Josh Horowitz spoke to Crowe at CinemaCon, where he was promoting his film The Nice Guys, and the Aussie actor gave us his best pitch for a Jor-El and Zod origin story.

"Why did Jor-El and Zod's friendship break down?" Crowe asked aloud. "One, that would give me another opportunity to work with Michael Shannon, who I dig. And I think there's some fascination in that."

Plus, it would give Crowe an opportunity to ride a Snagriff (a.k.a. a Kryptonian dragon) again -- something he'd actually be down to do. "The way it was set up was really kind of dodgy," Crowe said, recalling the experience of filming with the "dragon" on Man of Steel. "But I was able to bring my real horse-riding skills into it and actually maneuver what I was maneuvering, which was actually four stuntmen dressed in green."

Warner Bros.


OK, but can the entire film be Jor-El riding a dragon for two hours? Snyder would probably be into it.

A Jor-El origin story set in Krypton? We're into it. The decision not to bring Jor-El into the storyline for Batman v Superman makes sense, as his A.I. consciousness was destroyed by General Zod in Man of Steel. That said, we wouldn't mind seeing Jor-El return in Superman's subconscious (you know, when he inevitably wakes up from his nap), or as Crowe suggested, his own prequel film.

Get on it, Snyder.

With reporting by Josh Horowitz