Christina Milian's Sexy New Look Comes In Flat Or Semigloss

Singer/actress rolls around in paint for 'Dip It Low' clip.

Christina Milian isn't just rolling around in a bed of black paint in her new video to look sexy. It's also a play off the track's title, "Dip It Low."

"In the '60s they used to do body art," the singer explained. "They would dip in paint and they would roll around on a canvas and make art on the canvas. So I kind of 'dip' in the paint and do the same thing."

Not that being sexy is a bad thing. The song, after all, is about exactly that.

"What the song is talking about is putting an effort into the relationship as a female. If you wanna be a little more sexy, you gotta dip it low," Milian said. "I have a feeling I'll have people going to Home Depot really soon to get it really nice and steamy in the relationship."

Like Hilary Duff and Raven (see [article id="1486675"]"Look Out, Hilary Duff -- Here Comes Raven"[/article]), Milian was introduced to the world through the Disney Channel -- on "The Movie Surfers" -- so a provocative single and video like "Dip It Low" might seem a bit surprising. But after her self-titled 2001 debut failed to take off even after she'd collaborated with Ja Rule on "Between Me and You," Milian was eager to take a different approach.

"My first single off my last album, 'AM to PM,' was more of a kiddie kind of thing, very pop," she said. "This new single is more R&B, kind of a club/party kind of vibe. And I'm excited about it 'cause it's a new me. I'm 22 now and there's been some maturity, and it's nice for people to see this change."

"Dip It Low" is the first single from Milian's second album, It's About Time, due June 15. The track list has yet to be finalized, but the album is sure to be star-studded. Milian has, after all, made some big connections since her last album, albeit through movies.

She recently co-starred opposite Nick Cannon in "Love Don't Cost a Thing" (see [article id="1481062"]"Nick Cannon Now Gets Equal Love At The Club, Chuck E. Cheese's"[/article]) and Ice Cube in "Torque," and she's currently shooting the "Get Shorty" sequel "Be Cool" with Outkast's Andre 3000 and Steven Tyler (see [article id="1485102"]"'Be Cool' Now Cooler: Steven Tyler In 'Get Shorty' Sequel"[/article]) as well as John Travolta, Uma Thurman and others.

"I just shot with Andre the other day and he is hilarious," Milian said. "The whole time he was sipping noodles. He could be doing nothing. That dude is genuinely really funny. His expressions are hilarious. I'm already such an admirer of his music, and he's a great actor as well."

"Be Cool" is also giving Milian a chance to record more music, as her character is the central pop figure in the music-industry story line.

"I play ... an aspiring singer and she's stuck in a really bad record deal," Milian explained. "She's stuck in this girl group called Chicks International. And Vince Vaughn and Harvey Keitel are her managers and they own the record label and they're really cheesy. ... She really wants to go in and do some real music, and that's what they promised her, but it's not what it is."

Her character's luck turns around when she meets Travolta's Chili Palmer. "He sees it's a genuine passion that she has and she's not all about all the sex and drugs and stuff like that," Milian added. "She really wants to do this, and he decides to help her out. So he helps her out through the process of making a really good album and getting out of her deal, and you'll have to see the rest."

"Be Cool" is due in theaters February 11, 2005. Milian also just finished another movie, the comedy "Cheer Up" with Tommy Lee Jones, due later in the year.

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