17 Pieces Of Mary-Kate And Ashley Merch You Probably Forgot About

The Olsen Empire is proof that these two have been twinning at life since circa 1986.

Remember the days when it was Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's world and we were all just living in it? The globetrotting twins took us to Atlantis during their "Holiday in the Sun" and demonstrated exactly how one goes about "Winning London," to name just a few of their straight-to-DVD adventures.

But offscreen, MK and Ashley were also building a legitimate empire of merchandise fit for a tween. I'm talking girly video games, floral pajama sets, perfumes and makeup your mom would actually let you wear.

It's time to bop back through time to when tweendom meant owning pretty much any (or all) of these items:

The Michelle Tanner doll


Michelle Tanner doll

The start of the Olsen Empire? You got it, dude. Talking Michelle dolls were the perfect gift for "Full House" fanatics and whoa, baby, were they a must-have.

Mary-Kate and Ashley music


"Brother for Sale" was one of the first of many music albums that dotted the Olsen twins' singing career. Other albums included I'm the Cute One and, of course, a series of greatest hits albums.

Mary-Kate and Ashley cosmetics

Mary-Kate and Ashley cosmetics line

My first set of makeup had Mary-Kate and Ashley's names stamped on it. Yeah, whatever, I said it. Sparkly lip gloss, hair products, smoothie-themed body spray, shimmery eye makeup -- I wasn't about to turn any of that down and neither was the rest of preteen USA.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Magazine

Mary-Kate and Ashley magazine

Remember when these were a thing? Circulation didn't last long but these magazines were still very important.

Mary-Kate and Ashley board game


Mary-Kate and Ashley board game

Were you and your best friend meant to be? There was only one way to find out: spinning the "Friendship Connection" wheel and letting MK&A decide.

Mary-Kate and Ashley toothpaste


Mary-Kate and Ashley toothpaste

Yeah, this happened too, because why not?

Mary-Kate and Ashley video games


Mary-Kate and Ashley Playstation game

The twins were running around the screens of Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Playstation AND GameCube users across the country. Who else was going to help them get through the Magical Mystery Mall?

Mary-Kate and Ashley boombox

Mary-Kate and Ashley boombox

Whether you were jamming out to the latest MK&A movie soundtracks or you were bumping Jesse McCartney, we had to have this boombox -- especially at sleepovers. If you used one that didn't have their name on it, your music just didn't sound as good.

Mary-Kate and Ashley party supplies


Mary-Kate and Ashley party supplies

These were the perfect touch to every celebration, because birthday cake just tasted better when it was served on the faces of MK&A.

Mary-Kate & Ashley bedroom furniture

Mary-Kate & Ashley bedroom

Whether you loved "city-style" or you were "country-chic," the twins designed the perfect bedroom fit for a tween, I mean queen. Getting to dream about shopping with MK&A in a bed hand-picked by MK&A was the ultimate tweenage dream.

Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action

I mean, they had to conquer the cartoon world at some point too, right?

Mary-Kate and Ashley dolls


Mary-Kate and Ashley doll

Let's not forget their line of dolls, "Real Dolls for Real Girls," which was real awesome. There was the Red Carpet doll, the Super Spa Day doll and the sheer brilliance that was the When In Rome doll.

The Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen


Remember these? In this VHS (whoa, VHS) mystery series, the actresses, I mean detectives, could solve ANY mystery thrown their way. With mid-investigation musical numbers and help from their detective pup, Clue, they always got the job done. After all, that was their motto: "We'll solve any crime by dinner time."

"The NEW Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen"

Same detectives. Different medium. The Olsen Empire welcomed a book series as a spin-off of the VHS collection, and it was so entertaining even Clue stuck around.

Mary-Kate and Ashley clothing lines



The twins wore their Walmart line in the movies, which just verified our dire need to get our hands on it too (bestsellers included both the hot-pink and electric-blue tube top from "Our Lips are Sealed.") Then, they graduated to high fashion by founding the high-fashion brand, The Row, in 2006. They've added five more clothing lines to their resumes since!

Mary-Kate and Ashley's "You're Invited" series


Mary-Kate and Ashley'

Vacation Party, Beach Party, Sleepover Party, Camp Out Party, the twins were some serious party queens. The best part? We were ALWAYS invited.

Not just any Mary-Kate and Ashley movies, THE Mary-Kate and Ashley movies

Warner Bros.


We've reached the classics. Whether they had a "Passport to Paris" or a taste of the Big Apple in "New York Minute," these movies were (are?) EVERYTHING. The twins traveled the world, had the best clothes and ALWAYS had crushes on boys who ALWAYS liked them back. Like, seriously, these girls had it made.

And that's how it's done when you've been grinding since day one. (We can almost forgive them for passing on "Fuller House.")

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