First Look: Jackson Rathbone Will 'Aim High' In New Web Series

Production is underway on "Breaking Dawn," but Jackson Rathbone has been taking some time out of his busy schedule to film behind-the-scenes 100 Monkeys videos for his web diary and a digital series with McG and Warner Bros. called "Aim High."

The first official photo of Jackson hit the web while we were busy feasting on turkey and mashed potatoes, so we apologize for the delay. The actor's playing Nick Green, a high school student with a side job as an international spy. Nick is one of the US government's 64 trained teenage operatives and just blew a hit he had on a Russian mercenary named Boris the Bear (Clancy Brown). He's juggling the ripple effects of that with his secret love for Amanda Miles ("Friday Night Lights'" Aimee Teegarden). The major problem there is that she's got a jealous boyfriend (Jonathan McDaniel) who just so happens to be the swim team captain. Johnny Pemberton of MTV's "Megadrive" also stars.

Jackson sure isn't someone who likes to have an easy high school experience. First he was a vampire who spent several centuries going through high school over and over again, and now he's a sophomore who is also a secret agent. And we thought high school was tough enough already!

"Aim High" will be distributed online sometime in 2011, and Warner Bros. is also planning to release all the episodes in a feature film format on DVD at some point in the future.

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