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Ryan Reynolds's 'Clue' Movie Will 'Potentially' Be R-Rated

'Don't be surprised,' the writers warn

Ryan Reynolds has successfully dirtied the once-spotless superhero movie record with his sarcastic, vulgar projection of Deadpool onto the big screen — and now he and the film's writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are coming after another untarnished, beloved childhood favorite: board games.

As previously announced, the trio is currently working on a new live action Clue movie based on the classic game, and it seems like a given that Reynolds, Reese, and Wernick would infuse the murder mystery with comedy — just like the 1985 cult sensation starring Tim Curry and Christopher Lloyd.

But although the team praises the original as a "wonderful movie," it seems they're going for something with a little more... Mouth.

"It will have elements of [the original movie], but it’s important that we don’t try and just rehash it," Reese told MTV News correspondent Josh Horowitz at the NYC premiere of Deadpool 2, likening their adaptation approach to the one they took between the first Deadpool and its sequel.

"We want to build on it. We want to take some of what makes it fun and funny, but then we want to do our own thing. It’s about finding that balance. Hopefully we don’t upset the Clue-hounds because there are a lot of them apparently. We didn’t realize this until we signed up," he added.

While fans of the original movie may be harder to please, there is one thing fans of their foul-mouthed franchise will appreciate. "Don't be surprised if Clue is an R-rated..." Wernick teased, adding a non-committal, "Potentially."

Sounds like this whodunnit tale could become more of a 'who fucking did that?'