Kanye West Proposes Kim Wears Pantyhose And A Sports Bra To The Gym, Also Talks Adidas Collection

Kanye West is many things, but most of all (in my very humble opinion), he's consistently ahead of the curve when it comes to music and fashion. For his debut New York Fashion Week show with Adidas, Ye presented a line of neutrals in casual silhouettes and fabrications. There were distressed crewnecks, slouchy jersey pants, utilitarian details, and of course, sneakers on sneakers on sneakers Yeezys on Yeezys on Yeezys.

West told MTV News that Adidas fully supported him on this collaboration, and through working with the company, he found himself "learning how to present [his] ideas in a formal way." When crafting the collection, he looked to what would inspire him if he was currently a kid in high school, but also what he knows he likes right now as an adult. And what exactly is that? Apparently, seeing his wife go to the gym in full pantyhose and a sports bra. (Hey, when your wife is Kim Kardashian and looks like THIS, can you really blame him?)

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Kanye West

Say what you will about him, but he is a prescient creative mind. And whether the trends he starts—like the resurgence of the '80s popped collar, shutter shades, all leather everything, and casual minimalism—are the simple result of a unique perspective plus a position of influence, he has a knack for seeing where we're all about to zig when all we can see is zagging. It's part of why his designs and his tastes in fashion are so often misunderstood or met with opposition at first, but eventually, people do come around.

The move from Paris runways to the more accessible (and practical) world of activewear is a smart one but also a fitting one for Kanye, who in interview after interview has expressed frustration with encountering a glass ceiling in the fashion industry. Yeezy Season 1, as Kanye refers to this first collection at the top of the show, is just one step in what feels like a multi-layered mission to democratize fashion and use high taste as "a way to problem solve" instead of divide people. That's also why he's showing the presentation 10 more times over the next two days in 40 locations across the globe, from Chicago to Johannesburg to Sydney. His aim is to unify people around things he believes matter. Here's to more Yeezy Seasons to come.

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