This New App Will Deliver Birth Control To Your Door Within 24 Hours

The gift we've all been waiting for.

At this point, you can get just about anything your heart desires delivered to your door within 24 hours. Except, annoyingly, that one you thing we'd all really rather not have to run out for constantly -- birth control. Until now.

Nurx is a new app that allows those of us who are capable of becoming pregnant to get a prescription for birth control pills, patches or rings, and get them delivered the next day. It's free with insurance, and fees for people without insurance start at $15.

The only catch? It's currently only available in California -- but Nurx co-creators Hans Gangeskar and Dr. Edvard Engesaeth told MTV News they plan to launch the app in New York, Washington D.C., Illinois and Washington State and soon, and hope to eventually expand nation-wide.

"Access to birth control is still a major issue," Gangeskar and Engesaeth told MTV News via email. "Oftentimes, women have to take off work, visit the doctor, then visit the pharmacy as well. Nurx helps solve that problem and make it more convenient for women to get their birth control, and with Nurx, we provide a three month supply of birth control instead of the usual one-month supply that's often provided."

To sign up for Nurx, you answer questions about your health and insurance and select your preferred type and brand of birth control. A doctor then reviews your health info and follows up if there are any questions or concerns before sending the prescription to a partner pharmacy, which ships it directly to you. You can also set up automatic refills and prescription renewals so you never have to endure that awful OMG-am-I-seriously-out-of-birth-control-right-now-HOW feeling again.

Gangeskar and Engesaeth grew up as childhood friends in Norway, then took different paths after high school. Gangeskar (Hans) studied law and computer science and lived in Washington, D.C. for a number of years, while Engesaeth (Edvard) became a doctor in Norway. Now they both live in San Francisco, where Nurx -- which is a portmanteau of "New" and "Rx" -- is headquartered.

When asked why they think it's taken so long for birth control to finally start being as readily available as everything else you can order online, Gangeskar and Engesaeth said, "Coming from a country like Norway it is difficult for us to understand why birth control is so controversial [here] shouldn’t be controversial. Nurx will hopefully be a game changer to many underprivileged [people] with limited access to birth control."

The Nurx co-founders hope the app will soon become an even bigger game-changer -- they also have plans to expand and begin offering the same delivery service emergency contraception and PrEP -- an HIV prevention medication that's more than 90 percent effective in preventing transmission of the virus.

"We were inspired to take action after learning that there are 3 million unintended pregnancies and 50,000 new HIV infections each year in the United States," Gangeskar and Engesaeth explained. "After we came up with the idea, we felt compelled to take action."

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