Watch Dwayne Johnson Fight An Earthquake In The New 'San Andreas' Trailer

Prepare to be rocked.

"People need to know that the shaking is not over — we will get hit again."

Leave it to Paul Giamatti to spout out these valuable words of wisdom in the face of a world-changing crisis. The award-winning actor makes it clear for both the viewer and the characters at the heart of "San Andreas" that a massive earthquake featured in the new trailer's opening moments is just the beginning of something much, much worse.

Luckily for us, an unluckily for earthquakes everywhere, Dwayne Johnson is in town. The Rock joins forces with "Watchmen" star Carla Gugino as two estranged parents racing against the seismic-shifting clock to get to San Francisco and save their daughter from disaster. Few things on Earth can stand in the way of an earthquake. Then again, few things on Earth are Dwayne Johnson.

Check out the new trailer:

"San Andreas" hits on May 29.