Learn The 10 Little Mix 'Black Magic' Tricks They Pull Off In Their Video

Little Mix transform from a group of clumsy nerds into a powerful coven of modern-day witches in their "Black Magic" video. When Jade discovers a book of spells in the library of their school, they hold a late-night seance where they discover their new powers. They use their new powers for good, turning the tables on bullies and throwing parties during class.

Jade, Jesy, Leigh-Anne and Perrie make it look easy -- especially with the GIFs we made. Take a look at their tricks below, and, who knows, maybe you can absorb some of their black magic and try out the spells yourself!

Perrie's first trick is to turn her hair purple. Gotta look stylish if you're a witch.

01 - zwhWaW4

Leigh Anne creates fire in her palm like the daredevil she is.

03 - LL0YwV3

Jesy makes a weird orb. Which isn't as cool as fire, but still boss.

02 - bDTxvUT

Jade makes her glasses spin, and the girls learn they can make things levitate.

04 - WCYdZ6D

Sure enough, they make themselves levitate. No need for 'light as a feather.'

05 - vyFPs03

They put their new skills toward a makeover and become sassy strutters.

06 - f2tSgGM

Then they go for the ultimate flatulence spell: making a bully fart green farts while she's talking to her crush.

07 - aAPH6vg

After they see a guy get picked on, they turn his tormentors into admirers.

08 - Qfzv82e

And when class gets boring, they manipulate their teacher into throwing a dance party. This would've been helpful in high school...

09 - vrz8MPH

When all is said and done, they make everyone's homework sail through the air 'Matilda'-style and shake it off.

10 - DSBut5x