Melissa McCarthy Is Doing 'Girl On Girl Stuff' With Kristen Bell In This Exclusive Clip From 'The Boss'

It's like 'Troop Beverly Hills,' only with more f-bombs and less Jenny Lewis

Melissa McCarthy is back in full force in The Boss, a raunchy R-rated comedy that has the actress doling out some of the sickest, most NSFW burns of her career. (And that's really saying something.) But don't take our word from it. Watch McCarthy work her magic -- and explain "girl on girl stuff" to a group of 12 year olds -- in this hilarious exclusive clip from the film:

Directed by McCarthy's husband, Tammy helmer Ben Falcone, The Boss tells the story of Michelle Darnell (McCarthy), a wealthy business titan, and all-around terrible person, who gets busted for insider trading. After losing her entire fortune and ruining her reputation, the former millionaire mogul is forced to move in with one of her beleaguered ex-employees, played by Kristen Bell, and her young daughter. In an effort to become America's new sweetheart, Michelle Darnell sets out to create a Brownie empire with her Girl Scout troop, the Dandelions.

Something tells us that the most valuable lesson the Dandelions will learn from Michelle Darnell, aside from the proper meaning of "girl on girl stuff," is how to hustle Girl Scout cookies to consumers. After all, speed to market is key.

In other words, think of The Boss as a modern take on Troop Beverly Hills, only with more f-bombs and less Jenny Lewis.

The Boss hits theaters April 8, 2016.

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