Taylor Swift Wears That One Free People Dress Everyone You Know Already Owns

You know the one, right?

It's been long-established that when Taylor Swift leaves the gym, she looks nothing like when you or I leave the gym (if we even make it there, amirite?). Well, the tides are turning—yesterday, Taylor left the gym in a floral white dress that I'm pretty sure ~95% of the global female population owns.

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Taylor Swift

The Free People Fitted With Daisies Dress has been a staple for the company since at least 2012. And guess who modeled it in their Winter 2012 catalog?

Free People

Karlie Kloss

It was Taylor's BFF Karlie Kloss! Yep, pre-lob Karlie introduced us to the ubiquitous frock. Do you think she and Taylor ever wear it simultaneously??


Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande, almost as unrecognizable as Karlie here with her red hair, wore the dress in lilac on "Victorious," which aired in June of 2012.

Another lady into the white version of the dress?

BB Kylie Jenner! Before she had her own line of hair extensions or everyone speculating about her lips, Kylie wore this dress in 2013.

It's not just celebs who are into this dress, though—seriously. When discussed around the MTV office, the resounding responses were, "Does anyone not own this dress?" and "I tried it on once after seeing someone else wear it and... it looked terrible on me."

As if all of this evidence wasn't enough to convince you of its popularity, please direct your attention to the Free People website, which has collected almost 200 images of girls wearing this dress.

Free People

Free People Fitted Daisies Dress

From maroon to floral, graduations to just ~hanging~, the six pages are filled with photos of girls straight-up loving that dress.

Free People

Free People Fitted Daisies Dress

I couldn't find anyone who was leaving the gym in it, but we can't all be like Taylor, you know? If you want to be just a little bit like her, though, you can still cop the dress—in a variety of colors!—at Free People.

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