'G.I. Joe' Star Marlon Wayans Still Getting Paid For Not Playing Robin In 'Batman Returns'

The big difference is that Wayans is still making income from his near-miss more than a decade ago.

"I was actually supposed to play Robin, in 'Batman Returns,' about 15 years ago," Wayans told io9. "But there were too many characters."

And though Chris O'Donnell became The Boy Wonder when Joel Schumacher took over the franchise in "Batman Forever," Wayans still enjoys some lasting benefits from his favor with Tim Burton.

"I was cast, I was paid and everything," he explained. "I still get residual checks."

Wayans doesn't hold any grudges though. In fact, he expressed his own theory on why O'Donnell eventually won the part.

"I get why they picked Chris O' Donnell, because it would be messed up to have Batman and you've got Robin, and his bulge is somewhat bigger than Batman's," he said. "Batman would have a serious problem with that."

He still has his eye on comic book movies though, particularly one property that already has a couple of installments on DVD shelves.

"I would like to do the Mask," Wayans revealed of his desire to bring the next iteration of the Dark Horse Comics character to the screen. "Jim Carrey did one, Jamie Kennedy did two. I would like to do three."

Do you think Marlon Wayans would have worked for Robin in "Batman Returns"? Do you think he could pull off a Mask film? Sound off in the comment section below.