9 People Who Wore Von Dutch Before Kylie Jenner

Before you claim you started it, Kylie, please read this

As we wind down from the media storm following Kylie Jenner's "I started wigs" comment, I am forced to address the next looming controversy. For the past couple of weeks, Kylie has been proudly wearing multiple pieces of Von Dutch apparel. For those of you born before 1995, you'll remember Von Dutch as the celebrity-adored-yet-somehow-also-universally-hated line of trucker hats and t-shirts. For those born after 1995, you probably have no idea what Von Dutch is, or maybe look back on it as a beloved vintage trend from the early aughts.

Kylie, born right in the middle of 1997, is spearheading an effort to return the brand to relevancy, presumably due to her own naïveté (or because they are paying her). Regardless, I fear her ignorance of the true Von Dutch history. To help educate Kylie before she says something she'll regret, I've rounded up some of the most important figures of the Von Dutch era.

Britney Spears (circa K-Fed)


Britney Spears and mystery man visit the beach in LA

Behold a legend.

Dennis Rodman


Von Dutch Party Celebrating Dennis Rodman'

His 43rd birthday was sponsored by Von Dutch.

Madonna on her way to Kabbalah


Superstar Madonna arrives at Kaballah in one of the worlds most expensive cars

If you don't know what Kabbalah is, google it or ask Kris, because she definitely knows.

Nicole Richie


Nicole Richie in Los Angeles

You were five when this photo was taken.

Gwen Stefani

Getty Images

Celebrities out and about at night in Los Angeles

I know she looks exactly the same as she does now, but trust me when I say this was almost 10 years ago.

Christina Aguilera


Christina Aguilera arrives in Los Angeles

The dirrtiest.

Lil' Kim


MOBO Awards at the Royal Albert Hall in London

Would you ever wear that jacket in 2016? Then why would you wear that hat?

Paris Hilton and Tinkerbell (RIP)



Before there was Bambi, there was Tinkerbell.

Brie Larson

Getty Images

This woman has an Oscar now.