Judd Winick And Pam Ling Of 'Real World: San Francisco' Remember Pedro Zamora And Sean Sasser At Memorial [Video]


Written by Matt Donnelly, reported by Jobina Fortson

Nearly 20 years ago, when HIV and AIDS diagnoses meant death was likely around the corner, a brave young man named Pedro Zamora, who was HIV-positive, moved into the "Real World: San Francisco" house on the famous Lombard Street while on a mission to share his story with the public. By chance, he met Sean Sasser, who was also living with HIV, and the two fell in love, committed to each other in a televised ceremony and sparked a conversation about love and sex that had been missing from pop-culture dialogue.

Sadly, Zamora passed away the night his show's finale aired. His legacy endured, though, and Sasser continued to serve as an AIDS-activist in Pedro's absence until his own death earlier this year.

At a memorial service honoring Sasser's memory this weekend in Washington D.C., MTV got a chance to talk with Judd Winick and Pam Ling, the two fellow "Real World" cast members Zamora and Sasser asked to speak at their union way back in 1994. The married couple reflects on their close friendships with both men in the videos below and addresses everything from their first shared day in San Francisco to why viewers responded to Zamora and Sasser's new-age love story so powerfully.

Take a look at the clips, tell us if you remember watching their story unfold and share your own thoughts in the comments.

On Meeting Pedro And Sean:

On Early Acceptance Of Pedro's and Sean's Relationship:

Why Audiences Responded So Positively To Pedro And Sean:

How Things Have Changed For People With AIDS Since 1994:

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Photo: Jobina Fortson

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