'Kick-Ass 2' Exclusive Clip: Hit Girl Unleashes Hell

Chloe Moretz's 15-year-old vigilante declares "Robin sucks!" in a fresh look at the superhero movie.

SAN DIEGO — Chloe Moretz went out of her way to explain that she's nothing like Hit Girl during the "Kick-Ass 2" panel at San Diego Comic-Con. In an exclusive clip from the new movie scene — which debuted on MTV and MTV2's "Guy Code Honors" — Hit Girl goes out of her way to emphasize she's no sidekick.

"Robin sucks!" declares Moretz, as Hit Girl alter-ego Mindy Macready. Kick-Ass, played once again by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, has just tried to convince Mindy to unite with him as a Batman and Robin style crime-fighting dynamic duo.

Hit Girl points out that her skill level puts her in the NFL of teenaged vigilantes, while Kick-Ass is still playing in the pee-wee leagues. Kick-Ass knows she's right and begs her to pass along some of her knowledge. He's ready to be the padawan to her Jedi Master. She smiles. "And you'll do anything I say?" she smirks. Kick-Ass enthusiastically consents.

Cut to Hit Girl slapping Kick-Ass around, easily dodging his one measly punch, then handily placing him on the exercise room floor via a series of super-rad kicks. Check out the clip to see the verbal and literal sparring between the pair.

At their Comic-Con panel on Friday (July 19), Moretz described what attracted her to characters like Hit Girl and the title character in the forthcoming "Carrie" remake. "It's really about finding those characters who are opposite of who I am as a person, because I'm such a normal 16-year-old girl," she said to the Hall H crowd, via satellite from Boston.

She went on to talk in-depth about Hit Girl's emotional journey in the sequel, which all involved said greatly expands the story, saying, "There's a little girl in there who lost her dad." But as this exclusive clip and the various other scenes that have been unleashed demonstrate, Hit Girl puts the ass-kicking in "Kick-Ass 2" every bit as much as in the first film.

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