8 Times Rick Straight Up Killed People On 'The Walking Dead'

That's what they get for screwing with the wrong people.

In the world of "The Walking Dead," it's kill or be killed. The rule doesn't stop at the walkers; it applies where humans are concerned, too.

Rick Grimes, the ex-cop at the heart of the apocalypse, knows and loves the rule. becoming a finer-tuned killing machine with each passing episode. The number of walkers he's put down in his time is almost too high to count, but the number of people he's killed? Pretty staggering, too.

Here are eight times Rick Grimes just straight up killed some people:

1. Back in season two, when Rick shot those strangers in the bar:

2. Later on in season two, when Rick stabbed his old buddy Shane Walsh in the heart:

3. Early on in season three, when Rick slammed a machete into prisoner Tomas' head:

4. Back in season four, when Rick choked that guy out in the bathroom:

5. Later on in season four, when Rick ripped Joe's throat out with his teeth:

6. Then five seconds later, when Rick stabbed the life out of Joe's pal Dan:

7. Back in the season five premiere, when Rick stabbed and shot up everyone at Terminus:

8. And just last week, when Rick butchered Gareth and his friends in Father Gabriel's church:

Moral of the story? Don't screw with Rick Grimes — because anyone who screws with Rick Grimes should know…

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