'RoboCop' Trailer: The Future of American Justice

The year 2028 doesn't sound that terribly far away, but a lot can happen in 15 years, people (just ask anyone who remembers the '98 film scene what they think about Hollywood's big re-make machine today).

In the case of "RoboCop," an arguably unnecessary re-tooling of the 1987 award-winning original, technology has advanced to the point that a half-dead police officer can be revived by way of machinery and computerized mind control to become an ass-kicking cyborg who/which does the bidding for this big, evil corporation OmniCorp ... that is, until his even more powerful sense of self-governance sets in and starts to glitch up the system.

Dun dun dunnnnn!

No, but seriously. Like Peter Verhoeven's other big action hit ("Total Recall") which recently got the modern-day reboot treatment but was pretty much just shut down by audiences, the crowd seems pretty ho hum about what Columbia Pictures is offering up here.

Sure, it's got oodles of oohh ahhh action fare ...


... but is this enough to justify yet another round of recycling?

After all, the original had that stuff too. In fact, it was revered for its satirical nature combined with extreme violence, and while the CGI landscape was still pretty new back in the late '80s, the visual effects turned out just fine in that instance.

So, is this first trailer — which only slightly elevates the bang-bang game — enough to reel 'em in? Or might this be the beginning of the end of movie reducing and reusing? We'll see once this thing hits theaters on Feb. 7.

"RoboCop: The 2014 Edition" stars Joel Kinnaman as the man-or-machine conundrum, Abbie Cornish as his lovely wife, Samuel L. Jackson as a spokesman for the robogeneration, Michael Keaton as the idea man and Gary Oldman as the resident scientist-slash-pragmatist of OmniCorps.