Lil Durk And Game Exchange Words In L.A. Nightclub: Check The Video

Chiraq to L.A.

It looks like Game struck a chord with Chicago rapper Lil Durk when he sent lyrical shots his way while rapping alongside Tyga on "Chiraq to L.A."

On Saturday night Durk and members of his crew bumped into the Compton rapper inside of a Los Angeles night club and had a few words.

Part of the exchange was caught on tape and while the two rappers both clearly appear in the video, there was no physical altercation. "Meet us outside," one member of Game's camp could be heard saying over the loud music.

Back in May, Tyga dropped his Lil Durk dis song “Chiraq to LA,” but it was the song’s co-star, Game, who stole the show. Over the course of an almost-four-minute verse, Game takes aim at the Chicago newcomer and humorously confused him with NBA all-star Dirk Nowitzki. “Tyga hit me like, ‘Durk dissin’/ Dirk Nowitzki? Durk who, n—a?,” Game rapped on the track.

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