Beyoncé 'Sounds A Bit Different’ On New Coldplay Duet, Chris Martin Says

'She's so good. It's insane.'

Coldplay are back with a new single called "Adventure Of A Lifetime," which will appear on their upcoming seventh album, A Head Full Of Dreams (out Dec. 4). Last week, we heard some exciting news: Beyoncé is on it! But that's all we knew about that... until now.

Singer Chris Martin and lead guitarist Jonny Buckland stopped by London's Magic Radio with Jo Parkerson to talk about the collaboration in depth. From it, we learned she's on two (or three?) songs, and one of them, "Hymn For The Weekend," is "a bit more of a duet" between Martin and Queen Bey.

“She sings on two tracks, yeah. Three, really," Martin said. "But she is just wonderful, as you know, and she was so sweet, and I said, ‘Is there any chance you would come and help us do some, you know, backing vocals?’ That’s how it started, ‘cause we were trying to keep it a secret, but she just sounds so great that I think we faded it up in the mix a bit.”

“Everywhere,” Jonny added.

“And then on one song, 'Hymn For The Weekend,’ I said, ‘Could this be a bit more of a duet?’" Chris said, "and we just — she was just so lovely to watch sing. She’s so good, it’s insane."

Though we don't know much about the song(s) yet, we know Bey will be sounding a bit different than what we're used to hearing.

"When she’s on the microphone in the studio, you can just tell that this is a person that can choose any color from the palette and do it perfectly, musically," Martin said. "She sounds a bit different, and she was very kind of humble. She didn’t really want, she didn’t ask for anything or say ‘I need my own bit here.’ She was so lovely."

Martin also talked about the need to break away from the band's past musical ventures to try something new in the studio on A Head Full Of Stars.

"Last year, we put out an album called Ghost Stories, which was intimate and quiet," Martin said. "And we knew we wanted to go straight into making something more colorful and free-sounding, so instead of going on tour, we went straight in and did it. So I think we were all feeling kind of open and released after being restrained on the last one."

The guys also revealed that their new single was recorded partially in an LA recording studio that used to house The Muppets and was apparently built by Charlie Chaplin. So, that's kinda cool.

Martin also talked about the band's progression up to this point, saying that now, Coldplay "sound like I always hoped he would." If that's true, we can only guess that every Coldplay album from now on will be pure disco. I'm for it.

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