Timbaland's 'Shock Value 2' Inspired By 'Twilight'

'I'm up on all that,' the songwriter/producer says of the vampire craze.

Other than [article id="1621525"]Jay-Z's Blueprint 3[/article], Timbaland says he's been taking a break from working on outside production. He wanted to focus on his own LP, Shock Value 2, due November 23.

Tim says the first single is coming in "a couple of weeks" and, although he wouldn't divulge the title, he did say it was inspired in part by the world's most popular vampire franchise, "Twilight."

"This record, it's interesting," he said of the upcoming single. "It's very interesting -- [it features] this new artist on my label called SoShy from Paris. We're both rapping. The song, I can't describe it, it's so different. It's not different for me, but I can tell you this -- it fits everything going on with the vampire theme. It fits everything with 'Twilight.' "

Timbo is keeping an eye on all things hot, even vampires.

"I'm up on all that. 'True Blood,' [the song] fits in that way," he added. "It's a dance record, but it's a dope dance record. It's rap."

Shakira, Lady Gaga, Kings of Leon and Paramore are among the many rock/pop acts he has on the record. On the hip-hop side of things, he says to look for new stuff from Drake and another female he wants to introduce, Brand New.

"She's gonna shock the world," Tim explained about Brand New. "People are gonna be like, 'Wow.' You either gonna be like, 'Wow' or 'Wait a minute.' "

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