6 Reasons 'Frozen Fever' Is Going To Make You Fall In Love With 'Frozen' Again

The 'Frozen' short is hot, hot, hot.

If you thought "Frozen"-mania was over, we've got news for you. The movie may have come out in 2013, but the frenzy is far from over. The filmmakers behind "Frozen" have whipped up "Frozen Fever," a new short film that will play ahead of the new live-action remake of "Cinderella."

And be sure to get to the theater well before glass slipper time, because guess what? You're gonna love "Frozen Fever." Here's why.

The gang's all here!



All of your favorites from "Frozen" are back -- yes, even Marshmallow the snow monster. Kristoff, Sven, Olaf and, of course, Anna and Elsa, all make substantial appearances.

...and some people not in the gang, either.


frozen shrug

Expect a few Easter eggs in the short. (Yes, a short film can have Easter eggs and an end credits tag, and this one totally does.) Characters that you never expected to come back make cameos, even if they're not invited to Anna's birthday party.

A new song!



The bulk of "Frozen Fever" is a brand new song, and, yes, it's catchy as anything. You'll love it.

Little baby Olafs!



Love Olaf? GOOD. Because there are a lot of little tiny baby Olafs in this, and they're effing adorable.

It's short.



If you're around people who love "Frozen" a lot and want to watch this non-stop, great news: at least it's short, so it'll be over soon. If you're one of the people who wants to watch this non-stop, also great news: it's short, so you can watch it a bunch. Everyone wins!

It has the greatest "Let It Go" pun ever.


frozen let it go

You thought all the "Let It Go" puns and alternate lyrics had been thought of, but you thought wrong. If you don't want to be spoiled, STOP READING. But if you do want to be spoiled, we're pretty sure you'll laugh anyway. Ready? Cool. So Elsa is getting a cold and sneezing, and when told to go lay down, she says, "a cold never bothered me anyway." Get it? Hahahaa.

See "Frozen Fever" ahead of "Cinderella" when it hits theaters March 13.