The Photos Of Jay Z And Beyoncé’s VMA After-Party Belong In A Museum

Bey’s husband finally showed up to a very well-composed after-party

Beyoncé and her daughter Blue Ivy stole the show at the VMA white carpet this year, and Beyoncé’s performance of songs from Lemonade was undoubtedly the highlight of the night. Bey doesn’t need a date to her own show, but given Lemonade’s subject matter, we couldn’t help but wonder: Where was Jay Z?

The husband implicated throughout Lemonade was conspicuously absent during both the white carpet preshow and the actual VMA ceremony last Sunday (August 28). Sure, Lemonade ends with a reconciliation and a vow to repair the damaged relationship (Jay even shows up in the visuals), but we kind of expected Blue’s dad to be sitting in the audience, watching his wife burn down the house. Did something go wrong in the house of Bey?

After a day of worrying, we have our answer: Jay Z was just hanging back until the after-party. He’s seated right in the middle of a photo Kim Kardashian West shared on Twitter, with Beyoncé’s arm wrapped around his shoulder.

And in case you’re worried that he looks too somber in that pic, more photos prove that Shawn Carter was having a great time.

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Celebrity Sightings in New York City - August 28, 2016

That looks like an after-party for the ages. Honestly, that photo wouldn’t be out of place hanging in a gallery of Renaissance art.

Getty Images / MTV News


So there you have it: Jay Z was just hanging back to let Beyoncé have her fullest possible spotlight, and they celebrated her slay together with their closest friends. All is well.

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