Too $hort, Lil' Kim Tried To Make 'Musical Sex' On 'Call Me'

'We tried to, like, have sex on the song,' Too $hort tells 'RapFix Live' of his and Lil' Kim's 1997 collabo.

Too $hort has built quite the reputation with the ladies in his 30-plus years in rap. Songs like "Freaky Tales" and "I'm a Player" expertly showcase Short Dog's ability to seduce women with his raps, so when his record label requested that he work with Lil' Kim on the 1997 single "Call Me," Kim's then on-and-off boyfriend the Notorious B.I.G. was more than a little concerned.

"I paid for the tickets for Kim and her manager to come to Atlanta and I went to pick them up to take them to the studio and who gets off the plane? No Lil' Kim, it was Biggie," Too $hort recalled with a laugh when he appeared on Wednesday's episode of "RapFix Live."

Though $hort and B.I.G. had built a good rapport before the Brooklyn great was slain in 1997, prior to recording with Kim, they didn't really know each other. Too $hort remembers B.I.G. coming off the plane on a pair of crutches that he was forced to use after he was involved in a car accident. The two sat down to talk, and according to $hort, the Notorious one inquired about the Oakland rapper's intentions with his artist and sometime love interest. "So what's goin' on with you and Kim? What's happenin'?" Too $hort remembered Biggie asking.

After $hort explained to Big that he only was interested in recording with Kim for his single, the "Juicy" rapper approved the collaboration. "He wanted to know what was goin' on with his little thang before he let it happen," $hort said. "So I explained it to him... and sure enough she showed up on the next flight. We got in the lab and we worked it out."

Kim, who titled her 1996 debut album Hardcore, had become known for her sexually explicit lyrics, just like Too $hort, but the first version of "Call Me" didn't quite meet expectations, $hort revealed. "Believe it or not, we did the song and everybody said, 'Man, it's not dirty enough,' " $hort laughed.

Eventually they re-recorded the dirty version that fans have come to know. "We tried to, like, have sex on the song," he said. "It wasn't physical sex, but we tried to make musical sex. I think we achieved it."

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