The 'All Stars' Are Returning To 'The Challenge' On Paramount+

A total of 24 competitors will compete beginning November 11

The All Stars are back for more glory on The Challenge. And some of the players haven't competed in more than twenty years.

Paramount+, the streaming service from ViacomCBS, and MTV Entertainment Studios today announced that the powerhouse series, The Challenge: All Stars, has been given the green light for season two and will debut on November 11. The 10-episode season will drop weekly, exclusively on the streaming service.

Hosted by TJ Lavin, 24 of the fiercest reality titans from the hit franchise’s long history will vie for the chance at half a million dollars. With past relationships that run deep and a competitive streak that never dies, they will have to overcome the obstacles both in and out of the game to take home the win. Returning for a chance to win the ultimate competition, the players face unprecedented, over-the-top challenges and vie for their shot at the $500,000 prize.

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Find out who is returning from Season 1 -- and who will make their Season 2 debut in the cast list below. Stay with MTV News for more All Stars updates -- and do not miss the new season beginning on Thursday, November 11!

Ayanna Mackins - 3 Challenges

Brad Fiorenza - 10 Challenges, 1 Win (Twitter / Instagram)

Casey Cooper - 4 Challenges (Instagram)

Cohutta Grindstaff - 4 Challenges (Twitter / Instagram)

Darrell Taylor - 9 Challenges, 4 Wins (Twitter / Instagram )

Derek Chavez - 3 Challenges (Twitter / Instagram)

Derrick Kosinski - 10 Challenges, 3 Wins (Twitter / Instagram)

Janelle Casanave - 2 Challenges, 1 Win (Instagram)

Jasmine Reynaud - 5 Challenges (Instagram)

Jodi Weatherton - 2 Challenges, 3 Wins (Instagram)

Jonna Mannion - 5 Challenges (Twitter / Instagram)

Katie Cooley - 9 Challenges, 1 Win (Twitter / Instagram)

Kendal Darnell - 1 Challenge, 1 Win (Twitter / Instagram)

Laterrian Wallace - 3 Challenges (Twitter / Instagram)

Leah Gillingwater- 1 Challenges (Twitter / Instagram)

Melinda Collins - 4 Challenges (Instagram)

MJ Garrett - 3 Challenges, 1 Win (Instagram)

Nehemiah Clark - 4 Challenges, 1 Win (Twitter / Instagram)

Ryan Kehoe - 5 Challenges (Instagram)

Sophia Pasquis - 2 Challenges (Instagram)

Steve Meinke - 1 Challenge (Twitter)

Teck Holmes- 1 Challenge (Twitter / Instagram)

Tina Barta - 5 Challenges (Twitter / Instagram)

Tyler Duckworth - 4 Challenges, 2 Wins (Twitter / Instagram)

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