Pussycat Dolls Kimberly Wyatt, Ashley Roberts Leave Group

'I decided to kind of push on with my own life,' Wyatt says of her departure from PCD.

[artist id="1841713"]The Pussycat Dolls[/artist] are two more members down. Following Dolls founder [article id="1628375"]Robin Antin's declaration[/article] that she's looking to bring some fresh faces to the group and the [article id="1630838"]departure of Jessica Sutta[/article] earlier this year, Kimberly Wyatt and Ashley Roberts have announced that they'll be purring no more.

In an interview with the British lad mag Loaded, Wyatt announced that she would no longer be a part of the group. "I've left the group," she told the magazine, according to the Daily Mail. "I am so thankful for everything the Pussycat Dolls has brought into my life. But I have to say there were just too many variables that I couldn't agree with and I had to follow my heart. So I decided to kind of push on with my own life."

Wyatt wasn't specific about what she and the rest of the band didn't agree on. "Money and fame can't buy happiness," she said. "Ultimately, I think that happiness is the most important thing in life, and I think that once I started to get to know myself more and more, I was like, 'You know, I don't think that my happiness is within this group right now.' I wish that it was different because I love what we do onstage. I love being a Doll, but as far as the variables off-stage are concerned -- I just couldn't do it anymore."

Shortly after Wyatt's news broke, Roberts made the announcement on her Web site in a letter to her fans on Saturday, leaving Nicole Scherzinger and Melody Thornton as the only remaining members. "Yes, I have left the Pussycat Dolls," she wrote. "I love you all sooo much!!! I am so grateful to have the love and support of all of you. It was an amazing ride, and I learned so much! You all mean the world to me and I'm excited to take you all on a new adventure. An adventure full of creativity, inspiration, learning, growing and lots of fun."

When Sutta left the group earlier this year, she told MTV News that the Dolls were supportive of her solo endeavors. "They were really supportive of me. It was a big decision, but it was the best decision," she said. "I think I was always in the shadows of Nicole [Scherzinger], so I think it's the chance for me to come out."

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