'Goldeneye' Is Still The Best Party Game Of All Time

Slappers only, please.

On November 17, 1995, Pierce Brosnan first stepped into the role of James Bond for the iconic film "Goldeneye," and with it the franchise was forever changed -- we got the first Bond movie with CGI in it, the first to feature Judi Dench as M, and the first to ever be sold on DVD.

But for many kids growing up back then in the '90s, the true legacy of "Goldeneye" has nothing to the movie at all (you know, because some of our parents wouldn't let us watch it *cough*). Instead, when we hear the title "Goldeneye" we think of a completely different medium altogether -- video games, because "Goldeneye 007" for the Nintendo 64 was one of the best games of all time.

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Although it was released two years after the film, "Goldeneye 007" was miles above what you'd expect from the average movie tie-in game -- it ended up becoming the third best-selling Nintendo 64 game of all time, and drastically influenced the future of first person shooters for years to come. You like "Call Of Duty" or "Halo?" You've got this game to thank.

And "Goldeneye" also had one of the most awesome, most hilarious, most fun multiplayer modes ever, where you and your friends could kill each other over and over again until one of you came out the victor. Pretty awesome for a game that wasn't even going to have multiplayer in the first place, right?

In case you haven't picked up this amazing game in a few years, let's take a walk down memory lane and remind you why it got brought out at every sleepover, after school hangout session, and nostalgia college party you've ever been to:

First of all, it let you play all kinds of characters from across the Bond franchise, even the Bond Girls.


Trust me, you notice that stuff when you're a little girl who always gets stuck playing Peach in "Mario Kart 64." And even if you weren't worried about gender breakdown, there were plenty of awesome characters to play, especially if you or your friend managed to unlock everyone by beating story mode. Grace Jones as Mayday from "A View To Kill?" Yes please! Oddjob from "Goldfinger?" Sign me up!

It also let you play with up to three of your friends for maximum carnage.

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Connecting up with your friends from across the country via headsets and WiFi is fun and all, but admit it: you miss having to share a screen and a couch with a bunch of your buds.

It was so, so satisfying to see your competitors go down in a haze of red.

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You weren't supposed to cheat when you were playing local multiplayer, but it was just so wonderful seeing somebody's side of the screen go bloody after you'd hunted them down.

Speaking of which, you got to handle all those amazing weapons.



Sure, sometimes you accidentally ran right past them on the floor because you weren't sure of where you were going, and that was always pretty embarrassing. But once you got your hands on a rocket launcher, watch out! (No seriously, watch out, because if you fired that thing too close to your opponent then you ended up going red, too.)

Or with just one weapon at a time, if you wanted it to get real weird.


throwing knives

Anyone could win a round with a wide variety of weapons at their disposal, but what happened when you were all stuck using throwing knives or proximity mines? That's where things got truly interesting, and either one of you would emerge victorious as a strategic mastermind of mines, or you'd all die in a chaotic mess. Probably both, actually.

Or, even better, no weapons.

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If you have not played a 4-person session of "Goldeneye" in "Slappers Only" mode, then you have not lived. It's the single funniest thing that has ever been programmed into a video game, and you'd always die so many times simply because you were too busy laughing to pay attention to who was smacking you in the face.

And then there was the infamous Big Head mode.



Honestly, you didn't even need to be in multiplayer to enjoy the magic of the Big Head cheat -- you could just take turns in first person story mode and have just as much fun together, if not more. Look at all those giant furry Russian hats! Pure bliss.

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