Method Man Comments On Odd Future, Wu-Tang Comparisons

Whenever a new and fresh face emerges onto the rap scene, comparisons to artists of the past are soon to follow. The Odd Future crew of upstarts is no different. Whether it’s comparisons to Eminem fueled by Tyler, The Creator and Earl Sweatshirt’s dark humor and controversial subject matter, or to Wu-Tang, based on the group’s structure and lo-fi beats, OFWGKTA has bristled at the comparisons from the jump.

In May of this year, Tyler told influential radio DJ Tim Westwood, “I get why they say the comparison … [but] it’s like annoying. We’re Odd Future, they’re Wu-Tang, but I see why.”

Yesterday, in an interview with Soul Culture, UK, Method Man stated, “that’s what media does, they compare s--- … They always gotta compare something to something, to give you a scale, so to speak. If I was Odd Future, I wouldn’t want to be compared to anybody.”

Last month Eminem told MTV News that he is a fan of OFWGKTA, saying, “I've heard enough to know that it feels like they're pushing boundaries and buttons, and that's definitely one of the things that i'm familiar with, especially when I first came out.” Though never one to gloat about co-signs and fans in high places, a vocal fan of Em’s, an excited Tyler tweeted soon after, “Whoa, Just Seen Some Video of Em Talking About The Gang. That F****** Crazy. BRB, Gonna Go Jump Up And Down.”

Ultimately, both Em and Meth are just two more members of the Tyler and co’s growing (and sometimes riotous) fanbase, which already includes Lupe Fiasco, Mos Def, and most importantly, thousands of skateboard clutching misfits across the globe.

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