Eurythmics Back For Brit Awards

The Eurythmics will be back together for their first major public performance since 1991 when they play the Brit Awards on February 16 in London.

The brilliant duo of Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart are set to receive special recognition at the event, which is Britain's equivalent of the Grammy Awards. According to Billboard, the band will be presented with a Special Brit Award for Outstanding Contribution to the British Music Industry.

The duo hasn't recorded a studio album together since 1989's "We Too Are One." They never did announce they were breaking up, only that they would be launching solo careers. Both have remained very active.

The Brit appearance is being touted as a one-off event, but rumors of a more lengthy pairing have been circulating all year, fueled by two very small appearances. Last February Lennox and Stewart performed at a private function honoring a music executive, and then in May, they performed before 300 people at a breast cancer

benefit. Their record company at that time, however, denied a full scale reunion was in the works.

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