LeBron James' Loss To Steph Curry And The Warriors Brought Out The Critics

LeBron made NBA Finals history, but he still lost.

The NBA Finals came to an end in Cleveland's Quicken Loans Arena on Tuesday night, with the Golden State Warriors beating the Cavaliers to the 107 - 97 and taking home their first title in 40 years.

Fans who were hoping for Game 7, or those who really wanted to see LeBron James win another championship on his quest to rack up as many trophies as Michael Jordan, were sorely disappointed.

LeBron made Finals history by becoming the first player to lead both teams in scoring, assists and rebounds throughout the entire series but that still wasn't enough to take his team to the finish line.

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So, of course, his critics were having a field day with the fact that in a press conference following Game 5, he'd declared, "I feel confident because I'm the best player in the world. It's that simple." It also didn't help that the Warrior's Andre Iguodala was named Finals MVP despite LeBron's heavy lifting throughout six games.

See some of the reactions below.

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