EXCLUSIVE: New Found Glory Relive MTV's '90s Rock Heyday With Their Retro 'Stubborn' Video

Chad Gilbert hopped on the phone and talked old-school MTV and the show he misses the most.

Florida pop-punk veterans New Found Glory get nostalgic for MTV's past, going all '90s in their new video for "Stubborn," which premiered Thursday, Dec. 18, exclusively on

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"When writing the new album -- you know it’s like our first record as a four-piece -- we went back and revisited a lot of old records -- some old alternative, metal, whatever. [Those bands] always had just one guitar player," Chad Gilbert told MTV News, referring to their new record, Resurrection, and the fact that guitarist and founding member Steve Klein exited the band before its conception.


The song itself, Gilbert said, takes its inspiration partly from the bands that graced MTV in the '90s, like Pearl Jam, Nirvana and future Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductees Green Day. "Those songs and those riffs and all that stuff definitely had a huge influence on me," he said. The video, in turn, followed suit -- cribbing from vintage MTV shows like "120 Minutes" and "Headbanger's Ball."

"We just thought it would be fun to pay tribute to the old MTV style -- the live videos," Gilbert said.

"For me and MTV, it was always the MTV year-end countdowns," the guitarist said. "It was what I’d look forward to honestly every year just as much as Christmas. When Christmas was over, the top 100 videos of the year would lead up to the ball drop. I remember laying on the floor at my great aunt's house in Kentucky [watching] -- and two years in a row Guns N' Roses won it."

Speaking of fan favorites, "Stubborn" was an unexpected audience fave when the band was on tour, prompting them to film the video across several venues -- and performances of the song. "In the chorus there’s a sort of 'whoa' part that’s always like a big sing-a-long when we play it live," he said. "It took on its own life."

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