Kendall And Kylie Jenner Are Trying To Trademark Their Names

Madonna. Beyonce. Adele. Kendall. Kylie.

Do you ever hear of young people doing awesome, fancy, business-y things and it makes you feel so lazy and inferior? That’s probably how Kendall and Kylie Jenner should make you feel. At 19 and 17, respectively, they’ve already managed to pen a young adult sci-fi novel, create a forthcoming mobile game, star in a reality TV show, and design a clothing line for PacSun and shoe line for Steve Madden. And somehow, they still find time to reign over Instagram and prance around Coachella. Keeping up with Kendall and Kylie is a chore, y’all.

So in an effort to capitalize on their personal #brands, the girls have reportedly filed for applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to trademark their names. Together, the sisters filed to trademark “Kendall & Kylie” and “Kendall and Kylie” for anything related to the entertainment, fashion, and pop culture fields.



Kylie is looking to trademark her full name for placement on random things like tote bags and umbrellas. She also wants to lay claim over “Kylie” for “personal appearances by a celebrity, actress and model,” because supposedly it might confuse consumers if other entertainers use it. Sooo…sorry, Kylie Minogue.

Meanwhile, Kendall is looking to trademark her name for use on clothing and a bunch of fashion and beauty products. Basically, she’s looking at it in terms of her blossoming modeling career, which kind of makes sense given that she’s only using her first name on her modeling card.

Remember, it’s not a given that the applications will get easily approved. After all, Beyonce and Jay Z couldn’t even pull off trademarking Blue Ivy’s name. Then again, Taylor Swift did manage to prevent us from emblazoning our wind chimes with the phrase “this sick beat,” so I guess anything is possible!

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