'Merica, F--k Yeah: Guy Plays The National Anthem With A Rifle

Bringing new meaning to "hit the right notes."

We've seen our share of unique "Star-Spangled Banner" renditions, from Beyonce to Marc Anthony to Christina Aguilera, but this version may take the cake.

Using technology developed by a company called Musical Targets in Colorado, this marksman hits a number of metal plates, each of which is designed to play a specific musical note. The result of careful engineering, the melodious plates are lined up to form an entire octave -- and can be purchased with additional octaves for the rifle-musician seeking extra range.

Sonatas and shooting ranges may seem like unlikely bedfellows, but Musical Targets' stated mission is "to add a new dynamic to target shooting, and invite a whole new world of people to the sport." Are gun ranges about to be the new concert halls? Watch this video and decide for yourself:

Even if you're not a fan of firearms, you have to admit that's impressive. Where was this guy when our mom was making us practice piano scales?

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