Bros Tell Bros 'I Love You,' And Their Friendships Get Even Better: Watch

(And they didn't drink a bunch of beer first.)

As dudes, our favorite thing to do with feelings is lock them deep, deep down inside the emotional dungeon where our hearts are theoretically supposed to be. It's difficult enough for many guys to express love in a romantic context, so asking us to spill our sappy guts to our friends is asking a lot. (This usually only happens right before, or after, or while we spill our guts in the physical sense of ejecting vomit at a dive bar.)

Well, Buzzfeed sat down four pairs of male BFFs -- who were 100% sober, from the looks of it -- and asked them to say three simple words: "I love you." Or, four apparently simpler words: "I love you, man." They all felt kinda uncomfortable at first, but had beautiful breakthroughs (bro-kthroughs?) by the end. Watch the video below:

So, what's the takeaway here? While girls may be more comfortable expressing the L-word for their friends, guys often feel that some things go without saying -- but are also surprised by how good it feels to say them anyway. Are you ready to take your bromance to the next level? Go ahead, man up...and maybe even put the drink down.

love you man clip 1
love you man clip 2

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