Gaslight Anthem's Alex Levine Wants to Open a Barbershop in New Jersey

Billy Corgan has his tea parlor, Odd Future have their pop-up store, and, soon, the Gaslight Anthem will have their own barbershop. Bassist Alex Levine, who doubles as the band’s hair stylist, recently shared his plans with Hive to find a storefront in the band’s home state, New Jersey: “I’ve been a barber for years. I’m opening up my own barbershop in Red Bank in a year or so. I’d have a couple of guys in there all of the time and I’ll come and go when I’m not on tour.” What would the shop be called? “Something with Gaslight or maybe Alex’s Barbershop. We’ll see.”

While we’re waiting for the grand opening, Levine’s sending out an open invite to get a Gaslight ‘do: “If you ever want a haircut, hit me on up Twitter. We’ll set up an appointment and you can come by the bus. I make it a thing on the road. At festivals, I cut a lot of people’s hair.” Levine says he cuts his own too, every 10 days. “I’m a freak about it.”

In between plotting his barbershop and touring, Levine revealed that the group will be heading back into the studio soon to record the follow-up to 2012’s Handwritten. “The new record will come out sometime in 2014. We’re always writing and whatnot.” They’ve recently penned a handful of new songs which Levine describes as “a good mix of everything we’ve put out. Always keeping it uptempo. It’s just us growing.”

Watch the video for "Here Comes My Man" below:

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