Chastain Gets Her Hands Dirty for Refn Perfume Commercial

When you imagine Danish filmmaker/mad genius Nicolas Winding Refn ("Bronson," "Drive"), do you think of fists, anger, buckets of blood, and… feminine fragrance?

Apparently the cool cat auteur is on a tear of perfume commercials after last month's Gucci spot with Blake Lively, and now an elegantly bonkers new Yves Saint Laurent ad starring none other than redhead du jour Jessica Chastain.

Unlike his previous one, which mostly consisted of Lively staring into space like she was on 20 Valium, this minute-long ad has an actual story of an avant garde splatter artist (Chastain) who makes sloppy love to the canvas painting with her hands. Her sub-kindergarten skills spur a bidding war at a high-class auction house, where she winds up buying her own painting back and giving it to a hunky dude.

In a behind-the-scenes video Chastain says of Refn, "He has a sense of audacity to him. In fact, he has a great sense of light and color and music. He creates his own conventions."

You can say that again, Jessica.