'Pretty Little Liars': New Opening Title Sequence Has Emison Fans Freaking Out

The Liars (and Ali!) go back to black for the opening title sequence.

No matter how much time passes in Rosewood, one thing is clear: there will always be funerals to attend. And with every funeral on "Pretty Little Liars" comes yet another opportunity for the Liars to find that perfect LBD for the ~somber~ occasion.

Co-creator Marlene King took to Instagram to share the first look at the show's new opening title sequence, and once again, the PLLs are dressed in black. This time, however, the hemlines are a little more mature -- oh, and Ali is NOT in a coffin.

"#TBT to the day we shot the new PLL opening title sequence," King captioned the behind-the-scenes photo.

While we can't see the front of their sure-to-be stunning ensembles, this photo does confirm a few details. First of all, all five Liars will be featured in the new opening. Second, Ali and Emily are standing next to one another. Could this confirm Emison might actually happen, even though Ali is (gasp) married in season 6B? Also, Ali is in the middle because everything always revolves around Ali. Lastly, it looks like "PLL" is keeping their iconic closing shot the same -- all five Liars, dressed in black (for another funeral?) and standing side-by-side.

But as Lucy Hale teased last month, this time around, each Liar will get her chance to "Shhhh" at the camera.

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