Watch 'Star Wars' Fans Get Married In The Premiere Line

The Force was with love.

The "Star Wars" fanbase has always been a bar-raising bunch, but on Thursday (Dec. 17), that level of devotion officially reached a galaxy far, far away as a couple turned the "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" premiere line at TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood into a full-on wedding celebration.

Caroline Ritter and Andrew Porters of Hunter Valley, Australia ended their 12-day camping session by saying "I do" to each other 7,000 miles away from home before popping in to see the much-anticipated movie as their form of a reception.

Ritter and Porters were among the first in line for the debut of "Episode VII," lining up to wait for the big debut back on December 5.

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But Caroline, a long time "Star Wars" fanatic, has had quite a bit of experience in the waiting-in-line department when it comes to her beloved series. Here she was pictured first in line for the 2005 premiere of "Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith."

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Star Wars Kids Line Up

The couple couldn't NOT accept the offer to have their wedding featured at the Chinese Theater -- which "wanted to do something unique and fun, and engage the fans" -- because of course they couldn't.

Chewy showed up in a tux for the big day.

Note: This was just a supporter of the couple and not a part of the wedding, although another Chewy did participate in the ceremony.

And even R2D2 rolled in (with a BOW TIE, guys).

The droid was actually the first to walk down the aisle.

A Jedi knight tux-clad violinist played the "Imperial March," and Darth Vader walked the bride -- who wore "handmade crystal x-wing starfighters" on her white dress, BTW -- down the aisle.

Officiating the ceremony was a family friend who goes by the name "Obi-Shawn" who transformed the traditional Corinthians 13 verses into something Tattooine-friendly, by saying things like, "Our notions of what relationships promise us are often shaped by fairy tales and the unrealities of our popular culture, yes even movies. Despite what you've heard, love isn't all you need."

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He even had the audience rolling when he quipped, "Always remember that in a strong relationship, size matters not. Even the little things are big things." That was before he whipped out a pretty decent Yoda voice when the "I do" portion which became a "do or do not" impression.

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After the ceremony, IMAX made a $5,000 donation to the Starlight Foundation on the couple's behalf and gave the same amount for their honeymoon.

Watch the ceremony in this video:

Ritter and Porters have boldly gone where noone has ever gone before. Congratulations to the happy couple!