Beefy, Shirtless Nick Jonas Kicks MMA Butt In NSFW 'Kingdom' Trailer

Jo Bro + 'Friday Night Lights' + MMA = this cool trailer.

DirecTV has officially entered the original television series game, and the trailer for its testosterone-fueled latest offering, "Kingdom," is here to give us hope that alternate platforms that aren't Netflix can actually provide solid content.

Of course, the fact that "Kingdom" -- an hour-long drama that focuses on a Venice, Calif. family and their Mixed Marital Arts gym -- also features a shirtless Nick Jonas going up against the likes of "Friday Night Lights" alum Matt Lauria while Matt Saracen's real-life wife Kiele Sanchez holds it all together helps.

Check out the trailer and let us know what you think -- that is, if you're not at work. The trailer features many a shirtless dude and F-bomb, so a NSFW warning is definitely appropriate in this case:

"Kingdom" premieres October 8 on DirecTV.

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