Watch Charlie Puth Dry-Heave Repeatedly On National Television

James Corden puts the singer through the stomach-churning wringer

Charlie Puth can write a good song. By now, you've probably heard "Attention" or "We Don't Talk Anymore" approximately 500 times each, and that's because they're both inescapable earworms. His talents as a songwriter and performer are known. His talents as a iron-stomached competitive eater, however, need a little work.

On Wednesday (October 12), Puth stopped by The Late Late Show for "Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts," a simple game where you either answer an invasive and likely embarrassing question or eat something extremely disgusting, like beef tongue or turkey testicles. Puth didn't handle it very well.

At the mere mention of the game's premise and its culinary offerings, Puth's pulse begins racing. It doesn't go well when he's invited to smell the salmon-seaweed smoothie, either, and by the time host James Corden bites into a beef tongue directly next to him, Puth is dry-heaving. It's good content.

Even his teammates Rachel Bloom, whose "maternal instincts" kick in at the sight of Puth's discomfort, and Josh Gad, who really wants to see Puth vomit on national televisoin, can't help him. There is at least some karmic justice after all when Corden and his teammate, Michelle Dockery, have to down the salmon-seaweed smoothie after not being able to name three of Puth's songs.

As Gad puts it near the end, "I just wanna go on record: This is the worst game ever." Charlie Puth undoubtedly feels the same, but I kinda like it.

This is a long video, but the best Puth dry-heaving occurs at 1:45, 4:35, 6:25, and 10:35. Check it out above.

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