Joe Biden and Donald Trump Win Their Respective Primaries In Ohio

The election was postponed amid coronavirus concerns

Former Vice President Joe Biden won the Democratic presidential primary in Ohio with 72.4 percent of the vote on Tuesday (April 28). Senator Bernie Sanders still managed to garner 16.6 percent of the vote, despite having suspended his campaign on April 8. President Donald Trump won the Republican presidential primary, as expected.

Of the state's 153 delegates, 136 were up for grabs as pledged delegates depending on the result of the primary. Biden received 115 delegates and Sanders received 11. Sanders, who pledged to "stay on the ballot in all remaining states and continue to gather delegates" when he dropped out of the race, is attempting to rack up enough delegates to influence the Democratic party's platform, according to Business Insider.

There are no statewide races for governor or United States Senate in Ohio this year, the state did vote for the U.S. House of Representatives, State House, State Senate, and State Supreme Court this Tuesday.

These results come after Ohio's primaries were re-scheduled nearly a month after they were originally set to take place due to the coronavirus outbreak and the following legal battle over Governor Mike DeWine's authority to move the election. They're not the only state that has had to deal with voting during the time of social distancing: New York decided to eliminate the presidential primaries altogether.

This is a developing story. MTV News will update it as we know more.

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