John Stamos Responds To TV Critics Who Obliterated 'Fuller House': 'How Fucking Rude'

Stamos has no mercy for the critics who didn't like 'Fuller House'.

Even in its prime, Full House was never a critical darling. In fact, when the show premiered in 1987, critics hated it. However, that didn't stop the prototypical family sitcom from finding a loyal audience. Now, more than two decades later, Fuller House is once again the proverbial punching bag for television critics -- and they've been having a lot of fun waxing poetic at the Netflix show's expense.

Some critics compared the family series, to "a porn parody without the porn," while others called it a "self-conscious, dated, and maudlin reminder of the ceaseless march of time and your inevitable demise." (Way harsh, Tai.) Needless to say, producer-star John Stamos was not impressed with their prose.

During Thursday night's Late Night with Seth Meyers John Stamos made Meyers read some of the more scathing Fuller House reviews, and he had absolutely no mercy for these critics. (You can read our review here.)

The negative reviews didn't deter viewers from binging the series. Netflix has already renewed Fuller House for a second season.

"I don’t want to say we're review-proof, but I don’t think our fans really care what the critics have to say," creator Jeff Franklin told MTV News. "I think the critics are taking the show way too seriously. They're there to have fun writing scathing reviews -- they love that. But they seem to be missing the point that this show is about fun. It’s comfort food. It's revisiting the past. It’s not to be taken that seriously."

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