Pennywise Guitarist Holds "Loveline" Hosts Hostage In Drunken Fit

Pennywise guitarist Fletcher Dragge held bandmate Randy Bradbury and "Loveline" hosts Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew hostage when the band appeared on the live call-in advice show on KROQ radio in Los Angeles on Monday.

Though he eventually calmed down and let everyone go, an intoxicated Dragge barricaded the door with his 6-foot 5-inch, 300 pound body. The guitarist then said he was going to defecate into his hand and make Carolla eat it, threatened the hosts' lives, and claimed to have a hand grenade, but didn't.

Six police officers were on the scene, though only one sergeant was officially called in at 11:50 p.m. No arrests were made as no one was willing to press charges against Dragge.

Pennywise's appearance was scheduled to promote the band's new album, "Straight Ahead," which hit store shelves on Tuesday. The entire incident was carried live during the show's regular 10:00 to midnight time slot.

I was scared, but in a professional way," Corolla told KROQ the morning

after the incident.

A spokesperson for the band released a statement apologizing to the hosts as well as fans and says that the group does not endorse aggressive or violent behavior. The band will be releasing its own statement as well.

Ironically, Pennywise is scheduled to perform at the 7th annual KROQ Weenie Roast and Luau in Irvine, California on June 19, at which Carolla and Dr. Drew are scheduled to present the band to the audience (see [article id="1428727"]"Metallica, Limp Bizkit, Chili Peppers To Headline KROQ Weenie Roast"[/article]). The "Loveline" hosts were not originally scheduled to introduce the band at the show, however Dragge demanded it when he took over Monday night's broadcast.

Both Carolla and Dr. Drew, who also host the TV-version of "Loveline" on MTV, declined to comment.

In a similar incident in 1995, Dragge vomited on Dr. Drew during a live "Loveline" broadcast. The guitarist had hoped to make amends during Monday's broadcast

by presenting Drew with a trophy filled with Dragge's vomit.

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