5SOS Claim They're The Only Band Writing About Real Sh--

5 Seconds of Summer say Top 40 radio doesn't mention that 'everyone is sick and depressed these days.'

It's kind of crazy how much 5SOS have accomplished in just four short years.

Their self-titled debut album went straight to number one; they've embarked on their first ever headlining Rock Out With Your Socks Out Tour, after opening up for One Direction twice; and now, the guys are back and readying their second album, Sounds Good Feels Good (Oct. 23). Not too bad for four guys- Luke, Ashton, Calum and Michael- from Hawkesbury, a suburb outside of Syndney, Australia, a place where they always dreamt of leaving.

“Our culture is working-class, like, f—ing violent,” Ashton Irwin told Billboard magazine for their cover issue. “You can’t afford s--t. You take public transport. You buy $5 McDonald’s meals. It’s just epic, depressed suburbia."

Michael Clifford added, "I don’t think we ever verbally said we want to do this to get out of our sh--ty little town, but it was a thing we all kind of knew, and that’s why we stuck with it.”

And it's good thing they did because they aren't just delivering extremely catchy songs, they are giving their fans music with a message. Their new single, "She's Kinda Hot" is a song for "revolution" and a track that they told us, "talks about mental struggle, not fitting in and that’s OK" -- something they don't think any other artist is doing.

“Look at top 40 radio,” Ashton said. “No one is writing music that highlights what everyone is scared to talk about -- which is that everyone is sick and depressed these days. People our age, we all feel like s--t about ourselves. We wake up and we look at our phones and there are a thousand opinions on who we are -- or what we are. It’s destructive.”