There's One Thing Kendall Jenner Will Never Do For Fashion

She's cool with bleaching her eyebrows tho.

Kendall has done a lot as a model. She's donned hot pink wigs, bleached her eyebrows, and dressed up as a shark. But there's one thing that she refuses to do -- get bangs.

"People have asked me to get bangs, and I say, 'No way,'" she wrote on her website. "Thankfully, faux-fringe is always a good solution! At least with something as drastic as cutting my hair, I most definitely have a say!"

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Marc Jacobs - Runway - Fall 2016 New York Fashion Week

While Kendall may refuse to cut her hair, she has little to no problem bleaching her brows, which she has already done multiple times.

"It always freaks me out because every time they do it, I lose them," she said. "They literally fall OUT! It's bad -- I really hate getting a bleach. And, it's not like you can condition your eyebrows!"

Personally, I'd rather keep all of my brows and have bangs for a couple weeks than have no brows at all. But to each his own.