See Comic-Con From Edgar Wright's Point of View -- Literally

Still grinding your gears because you missed out on San Diego Comic-Con 2013? We don't blame you...buuut this might cure your sour grapes a little. Drum roll, please!

Director Edgar Wright, responsible for the upcoming beer-tastic "The World's End" (and 2015's "Ant-Man"), decided to give us Earthlings a little peek into his Comic-Crazy time at this year's convention while promoting the flick. And he did it with a little wearable camera — scratch that: The "world's first wearable camera" — known as the Autographer. Now that's science, people.

From the looks of this video, Mr. Wright's moments of peace and solitude were few and far between at Comic-Con. Seriously, the man does not stop moving. Interviews, red carpets, a Hall H panel. Even his meals were chock-full of something gettin' up in his grill.

So many microphones. So many humans (we see you there, MTV News' Josh Horowitz!). So much craziness. We are pretty jealous of the sick nasty California view Wright enjoys while some peeps get their grub on. We're also just  jealous he was at Comic-Con in general. We're not bitter...

Check out the Nanny Cam  video above, and revel in what it's like to be a Comic-Con superstaaah.

"The World's End," starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost,  is about a group of old chums  who decide to make a liver-wincing pub crawl across 12 bars in their hometown. How many McDoubles will it take to cure that hangover?

Find out on August 23, when it hits U.S. theaters.