Selena Gomez Will Hypnotize You On New Track 'Good For You': Listen

Selena invites A$AP Rocky on the seductive new track.

Selena Gomez will take you there in her new song "Good For You," featuring A$AP Rocky.

With a meandering melody that will sweep you up in Selena's seductive sounds, the latest track from her upcoming album is the refreshing, juicy watermelon we needed amid the sugary sweet pop tracks battling for Song of Summer status.

The second you click on the new Gomez track, you'll feel it -- perhaps you can imagine yourself taking a dip in an infinity pool, perhaps you're dancing alone in the mirror in lingerie -- there's an air of self-confidence and luxury to its minimalistic bass thump. Mixed in with an ambiance that'll make you feel like you're floating, there's an undeniable beat driving the jam. However, if you're expecting to dance, prepare yourself for some slow gyrating rather than a club banger.

The lyrics are tasty as well. The syllables "leave this dress a mess on the floor" just feel good, while the words "syncopate my skin to your heart beating" give the song a sensual poetic vibe.

A$AP Rocky appears on the track after two minutes, perhaps a little too jolly for the trance that Selena is providing. But his verse is the guy's response to Selena's desire to please. He affirms that everything she's doing is just fine by him.

Gomez also shared a teaser of the accompanying video, saying it's "coming VERY soon."

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